Our Story

May 17, 1999 marked the exciting launch of Un Fauteuil Pour Deux. The original 950 square foot shop was opened with the $5,000 I received in wedding gifts and money saved by my former partner. Financially strapped, but determined to succeed, I proudly welcomed the first few clients who stopped by the shop. After being open only two months, I landed my first big assignment from Ross Gaudreault, who asked me to work on a design project for the Québec Port Corporation. I will be forever grateful to him for jump-starting my business!

Through word of mouth, Un Fauteuil Pour Deux’s notoriety spread and the shop expanded. So much so that seventeen years and seven expansions later I reached a showroom of 5,700 square foot. In June 2016, we had a call for change. Relying only on our courage, we packed our bags and moved at 2875, Laurier boulevard. Since then, we are filled with happiness thanks to our new sunny 7,000 square foot premises and our 3,400 square foot warehouse. In addition, we are now offering free interior parking. Our products are no longer only acquired in Montreal: we now transect the globe to unearth rare finds and unique pieces of furniture of irreproachable quality.

In order to offer a full interior design service, I am now accompanied by two designers with a boundless creativity to realize your projects.

Unique local and international finds

Un Fauteuil pour deux is synonymous with exclusivity and originality!

Our European-style 5,700 square foot showroom is where you’ll find the best selection of unique, timeless products from all over the world: from furniture and accessories to lighting, original paintings, area rugs, cushions and bedding.

Discover the trends and styles that can turn your living space into a sophisticated, comfortable oasis that reflects your unique personality.

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Use our turnkey, custom interior design services to make your small or large project an unbridled success. Efficiency, courtesy, and originality are our trademark!

It’s with our experienced designer team that you will discover talent and imagination in its purest expression. Let us guide you through the realisation of even your wildest design dreams.

In our wide material library, you will find a collection of fabrics and wallpapers that offers an exceptional quality, directly imported from Europe and some of the prettiest ceramics and silk or wool carpets. You will also find all the newest and innovative materials in terms of interior design.

Enjoy a complete and customized interior design service for your small and big projects. Imagination, originality and efficiency will all be present.

Meet our team of experts and let us supervise your entire project.

Un Fauteuil Pour Deux: a unique concept in Québec, elsewhere in Canada and even in foreign countries.

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Our turnkey formula

Why complicate your life when you can call on our team of professional designers to create the space of your dreams?

We offer turnkey services: designers to create your project plans and specifications, and the best contractors and subcontractors to bring your vision to life.

Our collaborators can carry out the most complex jobs, from basement renovations to cellar makeovers. Our turnkey formula also means having a project manager to oversee the entire project. In short, we will coordinate every aspect of your renovation, from creating the plans to setting up accessories that will perfectly finish off your new space.

Nancy Ricard


Passion, creativity and rigour are the words that best describe me. While I have been trained in all the classic interior design techniques, my goal on every project is to create a one-of-a-kind, sophisticated design with a touch of the unexpected. My passion for top quality furniture and decorative objects has taken me all over the world, fueling my creative spirit and leading me to push the boundaries of the wonderful world of interior design. You can trust my team of dedicated designers to turn your dream project into a reality!

Gabrielle Neiderer


I am an interior designer who is in love with AutoCAD and 3D modeling. My head is full of ideas and concepts and I have only one will, share them with you.

Charlie Gaudreau

Sales Director

My family culture has helped me develop a strong love for objects and furniture of quality. It is with great pleasure that I will accompany you in your choices within our boutique.

Alexandra Brodeur

Sales Consultant

Chantal Ouellet

Administrative Assistant